Chuo-Dori News/ 中央通りニュース

  • イベント中止のお知らせ

    新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止の為、 以下のイベントの中止が決定致しました。   ・5月3日~5月5日…
  • 【青年部】清掃活動を実施しました!

    3月26日(木) 朝7時半より、 中央通りの清掃活動(ゴミ拾いとガム取り) を行いました!   皆さまに気持ち良く歩いていただけるよう、 綺麗な商店街を目指して…
  • ホームページ開設のお知らせ

    中央通り商店街のホームページ(当ページ) をオープンしました!   広島の中心街、八丁堀から伸びる当商店街には、 魅力的なお店が大小たくさん!!  …

STORE information/ 店舗情報


    『During the Meiji era, "Sukihonya," which has been in business for more than 300 years, it has been o……

    『Under the theme of "Japanese Sake", we handle a variety of sake produced by creators from all over t……
  • Japanese Sweets HACHINOKI

    『Sweet Party Hachinogi is a long-established sweet shop that opened in 1958 in Chuo-dori, Hiroshima a……
  • Asahi Coffee Salon

    『The Asahi Coffee Salon Komachi Store opened in 1968, and is a coffee shop with a Showa atmosphere. More
  • HIROSHIMA Parking Lot

    『A self-propelled parking lot that can store high-roof cars can be entered directly from Chuo-dori. More
  • Timepedia

    『A space where anyone who likes a watch, who chooses a watch for the first time, a man or a woman can……

Where’s CHUO-DORI Shopping street?/ 中央通り商店街ってどこ?

There are lots of shopping districts along the streets in the central area of Hiroshima City.

Famous festivals such as "Toukasan" and "Ebisuko" are also held in the city center, aren’t they?

You know what? Not only those famous festivals but big shopping malls and renowned restaurants among locals are located on the "Chuo-Dori Shopping Street!"
It’s the biggest, representative shopping street of Hiroshima.

Chuo-Dori Shopping Street? Where exactly is it?

Chuo-Dori Shopping Street begins at Hatchobori and runs through Chuo-dori to Peace Boulevard from north to south.
Its length is approximately three hundred meters. A variety of shops including department stores, electronics retail stores, discount stores, specialty shops and restaurants are along the street.
In 1994, the power transmission cables were put underground, and arched roofs were constructed in the district.
In winter, there’s a local event called “Tohryanse” which students wish for success in entrance exams, and safe and secure campaigns are carried out from early July to late August.
A banner of a police mascot “Mimawari-kun (a ‘patrolman’ in Japanese)” is put up in the district with an aim for a safe, vibrant city.
In a winter illumination event in the city center, with the theme of “Music Paradise,” colorful lights shaped like trumpets and treble clef are displayed along the street.
As the main site, the street is turned into a pedestrian precinct during “Toukasan” and "Ebisuko."
(Reference: The Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
In early spring, the area becomes a popular sight with fully bloomed white magnolia which let you know that spring is just around the corner.

Yeah, the Chuo-Dori Shopping Street is very attractive in many ways; holding auspicious festivals and events, having a wide array of shops which sell clothing, household goods, electrical appliances, knick-knacks, and various kinds of Izakaya, restaurants, cafes, and bars.
Now you want to know where you’ll find each of the stores, huh?
It’s time to take a look at our street map and know better about the district. My wish is for you to fully enjoy the shopping street without getting lost.

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This site is full of information on the Chuo-dori shopping street, as well as events in the surrounding area and shopping street, parking lots, etc.